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ECO+ module

For Lesosai 7 users who would like to perform a more detailed environmental analysis of their projects, it is recommanded to buy the ECO+ module. This module displays more detailed results. In addition to the features of the ECO module, the ECO+ module provides graphical and numerical results for each elment and each material inside the building.

These comprehensive display features allow the user to quickly identify the predominant components that you have to work on to reduce the global impacts of a Lesosai project  

The ECO+ module uses environmental impacts data from the KBOB LCIA recommandations list, which is based on Ecoinvent.

Construction elements comparison



Materials comparison



Price: 250 Swiss francs for 1 single user licence (unlimited use)

ECO+ is now available for purchase online at When ordering a Lesosai licence, the corresponding checkbox must be checked in the additional modules section.

If you already own a Lesosai licence and you would like to add ECO+, you can purchase it by going through the "Additional modules ordering form" inside the program. To acces it: "Menu License Management" -> "License form".

Courses on Lesosai 7 & ECO+