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ECO module

The ECO module is included in Lesosai 6 and 7. It performs the ecobalance of a building modelized with Lesosai, taking into account the materials used for the construction and the energy consumed while the building is in use. It uses environmental impacts data from the KBOB 2006 LCIA recommandations list, which is based on Ecoinvent.

The ECO module displays numerical and graphical results for the whole building:

  • Impacts related to the energy consumption (by type of consumption: heating, DHW, cooling, lighting, ventilation and other electrical equipment)
  • Impacts related to the materials (by phase of the life cycle: manufacturing, replacement and elimination)

Here is an exemple of the global results obtained with the ECO module:

Price: Free (included in Lesosai 6 and 7)

Lesosai 7 can be downloaded on:

Formation course for Lesosai 7 & the ECO module